Form The Heart

Liturgies every Sunday at 10am at the Inlet Theatre, Port Moody
We use the word ‘liturgy’ to refer to our Sunday morning gathering. Our liturgies value each person’s participation, the presence of God, and the intentionality of how we spend our time together.
A Church Relating With God

Our desire for the nearness of God is lifelong and genuine. Each of us is a unique soul that relates with God within the conditions of our life. Our church family values this personal journey and our ministry focus is heart formation. The heart, Jesus says, is where good is formed in each of us.

We engage primarily in three contexts for cultivating this relationship with God:
People talking in the galleria


Every Sunday at 10am at the Inlet Theatre we create a space to relate with God through activities such as singing and silence, scripture and teaching, prayer, holy communion, and story. Children and youth gather in age-specific groups during the liturgy. Most people stay after in the galleria for coffee and conversation.

Home Group

Small groups meet regularly to live the Christian life together. Each group has a unique identity based on the lives and seasons of the people in the group. Groups engage in activities that cultivate spiritual living such as community meals, dialogue, prayer exercises, Bible reading, service, and enjoying friendship.

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Spiritual Direction

Similar to liturgies and home groups, spiritual direction is a context for formation. It is a relationship with another person, often our pastor, who helps people pay attention to God’s activity in the heart.

How This Looks

The genuine work of God in each unique heart is reflected authentically in our lives. You can see some examples of what God is doing at Heritage Church on this website, but they are intentionally brief because we are a people to be engaged with.

Begin a Relationship with Us

One way to meet our church family is to attend a liturgy (10am Sundays at the Inlet Theatre). Another way is to contact our pastors, Paul Truman and Deanna Hackett. Email either to introduce yourself and set up a meeting. Paul writes a weekly letter for our whole church family. Deanna writes a weekly letter for those involved in the lives of children and youth. Preview or subscribe below.

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“He who carries God in his heart bears heaven with him wherever he goes.”
St. Ignatius of Loyola